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1. The scope of the Cookie Management Policy

This policy applies to the following websites managed by Königsberg Consulting Ltd. (hereafter „Site Operator, Operator”):


2. What are cookies?

When a visitor visits a page within the scope of the policy, a small file called „cookie” is placed on your computer, which can serve a variety of purposes.

Some of the „cookies” we use are essential for the proper functioning of the site („process cookies”), others collect information about the use of the website (statistics) to make the site more convenient and useful. Some „cookies” are only temporary and will disappear when you close your browser, while there are permanent versions that will stay on your computer for a long time.


3. The purpose of „cookies” is

    • Navigating the site by recording visitor settings, usage habits and making it easier to use the site
    • Improving the user experience by gathering information about how the visitor uses the website, which pages he visits or uses most often
    • Collecting statistics, the analysis of which will help you understand how visitors use other online services beside the website, which we can further develop
    • Improve and fine-tune your website to meet your visitor needs


4. Types of „cookies”

4.1. „Session cookies”

„Session cookies” are needed to browse the website, use the features, among other things, allow you to comment on the actions performed by the visitor on that page, function or service. Without the use of „session cookies”, the smooth use of the website cannot be guaranteed. Their validity period extends to the duration of the visit, and „cookies” are automatically deleted at the end of the session or when the browser is closed.

Ensure the proper session of the website is 2001 year CVIII. Act on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services 13 (A) (3).


4.2. „Usage cookies”

These „cookies” allow our website to note what mode of operation you have chosen (if relevant, for example, how many hits appear in the search results list). This is to avoid having to re-enter the next visit. Without the information contained in „cookies” that store preferences, our website may work less smoothly.


4.3. „Performance Cookies”

We use the „performance cookies” to collect information about how our visitors use our website (for example, which pages were viewed by the visitor, the number of pages visited, the part of the site you clicked, the length of each session, and the error messages you received). This is done to improve our website (services, features, …) to meet the needs of our visitors and provide them with a high quality, user-friendly experience.

For performance measurement, our website uses third-party cookies for every visit. Using „cookies” we track how many people visit the website and what routes they visit. All information is stored anonymously and is used to anonymously analyze the behavior of visitors to provide a high quality experience.

The website uses analytic cookies from the following provider: Google Analytics

Detailed information about this service is available at the following link: https: / /


5. Maximum Security

It is important that the Operator of the page does not record any IDs or passwords when enabling „cookies”.

The visitor can also use the electronic services of the Operator of the page safely when accepting „cookies”.

& Nbsp;

6. Checking „cookie settings”, disabling „cookies”

Modern browsers allow you to change the „cookie settings”. Some browsers automatically accept cookies as a default, but this setting can also be changed to prevent the user from automatically accepting for the future. In the case of migration, the browser will always offer you the option of „setting cookies” each time.please note that since the purpose of „cookies” is to support and facilitate the usability and processes of the website, if we disable „cookies”, we cannot guarantee that the visitor will be able to use all the features of the website. In this case, the webpage may work differently from the web browser.

6.1 Learn more about „cookie settings” in the following browsers


7. Privacy Policy

The privacy information for used cookies is summarized in the table below

Affected Domain Cookie Type Legal basis for data management Purpose of Data Management Data Management Duration Managed data circle Cookies Support Your consent (which can be revoked in your browser by disabling cookies) Increasing user experience, making your website more comfortable 1 year after the last activity Cookie Management Policy

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