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The success of a project is based on proper preparation. In order for a project to achieve its goal, to solve a problem, we have to determine specifically, among others, the tasks necessary for the implementation, the sequence of such tasks, time and resources.

As the implementation of a project is not a one-man job, planning also requires more than one person: we reach the final result by using the valuable experience and remarks of our colleagues working on the project. During our engagements in project planning, we first explore our clients’ problems, main needs and demands. The most successful project can be implemented if it reacts to the real necessities of the target group. Reflecting on the problems disclosed through situation analysis, we plan the tools, actions and methods most suitable for implementing the goals. As it is getting to be outlined which tasks need to be implemented in the project, we start to plan the timeframe and costs of the actions, and the indicators measuring the project’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Proper project preparation is also a key to the successful use of EU and other funds. In this respect we are at our clients’ disposal for researching financial resources, fine-tuning of projects and representation before external parties concerned.

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Quality has now become a strategic concept, an indispensable criterion for the successful operation of organizations. In the case of improving quality, the whole organization, its processes, strategic approach, and human, technical and partnership development come into focus.

Quality becomes primary for a purchaser; therefore, focusing on this field may greatly improve customer satisfaction. During quality assurance, our task is to examine if quality requirements are fulfilled. We do it in a way without reminding our clients of over-documentation and paperwork, and to make it a real value-creating tool in the life of the organization.

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Today’s versatile market environment creates uncertainty in all sectors, being market services or public administration. For this reason in our process management solutions we provide services both to private and public sector entities by which the entities can prepare for meeting future challenges.

With an accelerated change of environment, adaptation becomes even more difficult and crucial. As our clients’ environment changes, we also change. We put great effort in strengthening our own research and development fields, keeping track of business and social impacts, and developing tools and methods which better serve our clients’ needs. In our process management related projects, we carry out the control and improvement of internal processes. With the establishment and distribution of a process-oriented view, our further aim is to improve organizational culture and to participate in the creation of a more effective organization.

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To reach the objectives pursued, it is indispensable that application of the services set-up takes place along planned processes, under control and smoothly. One cornerstone of successful project implementation is a service transition which is well-harmonized inside and outside the organization.

More and more organizations recognize the necessity of tasks with regard to the transition of services developed. Our colleagues have many years of experience in successful service transition. This includes, among others, the introduction of services into an organization’s every-day operation (resources and process planning, setting-up of regulations, internal rules), planning of complex education, communication, marketing, help-desk processes and service pillar, furthermore, the professional support of execution. The definite objective of these tasks is to make successful not only project closure, but maintenance as well.

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